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Kerri Kofoot

Director of Assisted Living

Kerri has been with St. Luke Homes & Services, Inc. since 1994. She started at St. Luke Lutheran Nursing Home as a CNA and later advanced to an RN performing various roles. Kerri has served as Director of Nursing for Hillside Terrace Assisted Living and Riverview Terrace Assisted Living, as well as Manager of the St. Luke campus’ indoor aquatic center.

Kerri also serves as the clinical nurse instructor at Iowa Lakes Community College when not spending time on the St. Luke Campus.

Kerri is particularly fond of the continuum of care that St. Luke Homes & Services, Inc. provides, as the transition from home to The Highlands’ independent living suites to assisted living to nursing home is encompassed in a one-step process with familiar surroundings and staff.

Email: kerri.kofoot@stlukelh.com 

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Lisa Small

Registered Nurse (RN)

Lisa has been employed with St. Luke Homes & Services, Inc. since 1994. She has held various roles for the senior living community including: Float Nurse, Charge Nurse, and a Care Plan Coordinator. Lisa now serves as Riverview Terrace Assisted Living's Registered Nurse (RN).

Lisa enjoys the fun activities Riverview Terrace Assisted Living offers its tenants due to the brimming happiness that lights up each and every one of their faces. The tenants of Riverview Terrace frequently tell her of the joy the wonderful activities bring to their lives, and are thankful for the very helpful and caring staff that make that happen.

Email: lisa.small@stlukelh.com


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Amanda Klein

St. Luke Homes & Services Activities Director

Amanda has been working in the Activities Department with St. Luke Lutheran Nursing Home since the fall of 2010.

She grew up in Spencer, Iowa. After graduating from Spencer High School in 2005, Amanda went onto Iowa Lakes Community College and received an Associate of Arts degree. Amanda then transferred to Buena Vista University located in Storm Lake, Iowa, where she received a Business Management degree in 2009. In May 2010, Amanda took the Activities Coordinator course through Iowa Lakes Community College.

Amanda enjoys planning activities for the residents of St. Luke Lutheran Nursing Home, as well as the tenants of Hillside Terrace and Riverview Terrace. Seeing residents and tenants involved and having fun brings joy to Amanda's life.

In her spare time, Amanda likes scrapbooking, traveling, bike riding, exercising, and spending time with her husband.

Email: amanda.klein@stlukelh.com


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Deb McGuire

Service Coordinator

Deb has been employed with St. Luke Homes & Services, Inc. since July 2010. She has held various roles at Riverview Terrace Assisted Living including: Cook, Dining Room Assistant and Personal Service Assistant. She now serves as Riverview Terrace Assisted Living’s Service Coordinator.

Deb enjoys visiting with the tenants of Riverview Terrace Assisted Living. She also takes pleasure in camping, riding motorcycles and spending time with her family, which includes her husband, Gene, their three children and four grandchildren.

Email: rvtreception@stlukelh.com